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5 Examples of When to Use a DoFollow Link

use a dofollow link
When to use a DoFollow link? Confidently understand when to use DoFollow and how to leverage DoFollow links to boost SEO, enhancing your website's visibility and rankings effectively.

What’s a dofollow link?

Follow links are links that pass link juice or authority to the linked website, which can help improve its search engine rankings.

Follow links are called dofollow links in the tech world.

Examples of when to use a dofollow link

Five examples of when you should use a dofollow link:

  • If you are linking to a high-quality and relevant website that provides value to your readers.
  • When you link to a source that supports your claims or arguments with facts or data.
  • When you link to a website that you have a good relationship with or that has given you permission to link to them.
  • If you are building relationships with other website owners and influencers in your niche by linking to their content and you’re happy to transfer link equity to them.
  • If you want to help search engines discover content on the target web page for indexing and ranking purposes.

What’s the other type of link – a NoFollow link?

While you’re here, let’s talk about what you use when you don’t use a dofollow link – nofollow links.

NoFollow Link Definition

Nofollow links are links that will not pass on to the linked website, any link juice, or authority. This means a nofollow link will not influence its search engine rankings at all.

Examples of when to use a NoFollow Link

In contrast, common situations when you would use a nofollow link are:

  • When you link to a low-quality or spammy website that you do not trust or endorse.
  • When you link to a website that pays you for the link or that you have a financial relationship with.
  • When you link to a website that has a lot of outbound links or that is unrelated to your niche or topic.

Understanding the use of DoFollow or NoFollow Links

When to use which kind of link can be super confusing. Hopefully, this helps you understand the difference between dofollow and nofollow links a bit more, as well as how they affect SEO.

We have written a much more detailed article on the difference between follow and nofollow links, which gives more in-depth info on this topic and which will expand your understanding even more if you are working on search engine optimisation or thinking about starting to do so.

You can find out more about dofollow links and how to find them using tools like ahrefs and semrush.

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