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I'm Michelle Rose Beatty

The Founder, Director, Designer, and the creative digital nerd who’ll be handling your project.

Where do I start to try to give you an idea of who Michelle Rose Beatty is, and yet still try & give you the short story?

Because if you knew me well… then you’d know I like to talk. So that frequently involves long stories. But here goes…

I absolutely love all things Website Design and Development wise, as well as Search Engine Optimisation. I couldn’t decide between them, so I decided to specialise in both. In fact, I’m such a digital nerd, that when I decide to do something, I have to do it well and so I obsess over learning all there is to do with it. That means I’m a bit of an expert in a few related areas as well.  All of which helps me do an outstanding job for my clients. 

My love affair with all things IT, started when I was in Law School at University, and we had to do an IT subject. I was sold! I’d always loved all thing technology related and I had a flair for problem solving.

Michelle Rose Beatty & Son, MRB Creative | Web Design & Digital Business Solutions
Michelle Rose Beatty MRB Creative profile photo Web Design, SEO & Digital Marketing Strategy
Right then and there I almost changed to do a double degree in Law & also Information Technology, but my law firm boss talked me out of it.

So I stuck with my original plan and became a Lawyer without an additional IT Degree qualification. I did that for 20 years. I even owned my own Law Firm for the last 5 years of that time. But my passion for IT never left me. Mid way through my legal career, I started dabbling into Websites as well as in other things in the IT world.

When my son was born, I started having a yearning towards wanting a more flexible and parenting friendly career. Eventually I jumped ship. And here I am.
Michelle Rose Beatty
Digital Solutions Specialist

You still want to know more about me?

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Michelle Rose Beatty being active & cancer warrior photo. Founder of MRB Creative | Web Design & Digital Business Solutions
Michelle Rose Beatty & her Son, MRB Creative | Web Design & Digital Business Solutions

Ok... here's more!

Who is Michelle Rose Beatty?

I am not the perfect mother, the perfect daughter, or the perfect friend.
And I may never be the perfect girlfriend or wife.

Sometimes you’ll find my home as messy and as disorganised, as my mind can be.
My mind is like that because I have so many ideas, so much creativity, and as if it is on auto pilot, my mind goes into problem-solving mode when I think about things.
So it’s frequently going a 100 miles an hour.
Especially as I jump from project to project.

My work however, is super organised.
It always has been.
Maybe, because I always put the work I do for others, ahead of personal things I tend to think aren’t perhaps as important.

In life I have succeeded well in excess of what I expected I would do, as well as surpassing what had been expected of me.
I have had many successes. 
But I have also failed. At times, dismally.
But I have always picked myself up. Ok yes….! ….dragged myself up at times.
I have a never-give-up attitude. A can-do attitude.
I am always optimistic, positive and find the bright side in anything.
I focus on the silver linings.

I have fought Cancer, coped with Chemotherapy for 6 continuous months and endured far more, while simultaneously staring death in the face and single parenting my then 5-year-old son. Not to mention the 5 surgeries for a Bilateral Mastectomy & Reconstruction or the 30 sessions of Radiation – 5 days a week at Hospital for 6 weeks straight.

So know this… I am passionate. I am fierce and I am unrelentingly persistent. I am an expert juggler at having many balls in the air and I get sh*t done.

When I take on a project, I see it through.
I have dedication and motivation in spades.
I wake up early and I can’t wait to get going.

I am Michelle Rose Beatty.

I am proud. I am kind. I am resilient.
I am strong. I am a high achiever.
I am a work in progress.

I am ME.

Do You Like to Get Social?

Because I love to connect with people!

I get pretty busy, so straight up I’ll tell you I’m usually not on top of my social media game. I’m way better at doing it for clients, than I am at doing it for myself. I tend to leave my own stuff until last and then run out of time.

But I am a frequent scroller on my socials – Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. I enjoy connecting with other people more, reading about what’s happening in their lives, learning more about them and commenting on their posts, than I do posting myself. Although I do try to post and share things. It’s also on my list of things to get better at, to post more and share more. So come and connect with me. 

I’d love to meet you. Join me on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn. Feel free to jump in my dm’s too and let me know if you’ve checked out my website if you want. 

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