Paid Advertising

How do you get your clients?

Organically or Paid Advertising?

How do you get eyes on your offer? 

Essentially there’s 2 ways. You either do it organically, or you pay for advertising.

Organically is by someone clicking on a direct link, through word of mouth, or from a social networking channel. 

Paid advertising is one of the fastest ways to get eyes on your offer, whether that’s your services or you sell goods – whatever it is that you’re selling and want to attract attention to.

Who your target market is and where they tend to spend their time, will dictate which platform you should choose to run your ads on. That could be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or Google. And within each of those platforms you’ll find a vast array of choices you can utilise. So many options, that it’s often necessary to run split testing, to see what is currently appealing more to your target market & ideal customer.

Paid advertising can be extremely lucrative. But it’s also an absolute minefield. You’ll find no end of stories amongst business owners about how they’ve had ad accounts shut down. Even having their personal ability to run ads restricted. Anyone who has ever tried to contact Facebook after having their advertising restricted, knows it’s a long drawn out process to lodge an appeal or seek a review, and at times, hard enough to even make contact with someone to talk to about the issue you’re having.

That’s where having someone on your team who is experienced in running ads, is essential.

You're in luck! We have only been running ads for existing clients , but we do now have room to take on a few more clients.

If you are interested in learning more about how we could help your business with paid advertising, contact us to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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