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ChatGPT Update: August 2023 Insights of updates coming soon

ChatGPT Update
Exciting ChatGPT Updates Coming Soon! Read on for the latest enhancements and features that will soon help elevate your AI conversation experience!

So what charges are on the cards with ChatGPT? There are a few ChatGPT updates you can expect soon with both new features, as well as enhancements.

Here’s what I know of so far, and what think of each of them.

  • Prompt examples: We will soon start to receive suggestions of prompts when we open a new chat. This could be an absolute game-changer for those who frequently get writer’s block. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with this, even though you will still need to consider a few more things….
    tone of voice, audience, purpose, and structure when pulling together a proper prompt.
  • Suggested replies: ChatGPT will start to suggest relevant ways to continue your conversation – aka follow-up prompts. I’ve noticed that many business owners are still publishing whatever answer ChatGPT supplies after just one prompt. For anyone doing this – please don’t! You’re at risk of heading down a dangerous pathway of extremely generic copy. Your readers will very quickly start to recognise this as being AI generated and lose trust in your brand. Prompt prepping is a thing, as is refining the answer you get with more prompts. Get googling if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Or maybe ask ChatGPT! But the takeaway is, make sure you’re always adding the human touch!
    I tell my ChatGPT students to treat the tool as a human virtual assistant, junior employee, or work experience student. You need to always ensure they understand the instruction, check what they write the first time, and ask for amendments if it’s not 100% there. Remember you can always prompt it to rewrite it shorter, longer, in a different tone of voice style, etc.
  • GPT-4 by default: If you’re a ChatGPT Plus user (paid user), ChatGPT will default to the paid version….. rather than 3.5.
    Personally, I’m waiting for the rollout of more improvements to the paid version before I use 4 all the time. I have experimented with both versions and often, I actually preferred the copy suggested by the free version.
  • Upload multiple files: You will soon be able to ask ChatGPT to analyse data and generate insights across multiple files. (This is available with the Code Interpreter beta for all ChatGPT Plus users.) I’m personally very excited about this update! I have been teaching my students the value of copying and pasting reliable authoritative external sources into the prompt to create content, as opposed to relying on the sources of data within the program that are unknown to us. If we can just upload documents – like research papers – rather than pasting large paragraphs (or pages) or text, it will be much easier. And you don’t need to worry about exceeding the token limit. I’m looking forward to the day when we can provide website links for this instead of having to upload a copy!
  • Staying logged in: We won’t be logged out every 2 weeks (or daily) any longer.
  • Sharing Chat content: I noticed the other day they’ve removed the button that allows you to easily share chat content with others via a link. As a ChatGPT trainer, I found that super helpful. Now that it is gone, I have to copy and paste the chat content to them.

    What are your thoughts on the above changes? Any other changes you’d like to see? What is on your wish list? Drop me a line on my socials or through our contact form and let me know what you think.

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